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RRY Network Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. positions itself as a New Generation Software Company in Supply Chain Management. In this market, we aim to provide the best software products and services to our clients to help them build up SCM system with cutting-edge technology and business knowledge of own and partner network.

Internet not only changes the competitive environment of the traditional economy, but also brings along the new competitive rules. Internet makes it possible for companies to transcend the limit of time, space and information transmission to stretch out for customers unreachable previously, while at the same time gives them unprecedented opportunity to reduce costs and raise productivity. ERRY, by extensively using advanced technology and mature products and providing enterprises with flexible and extensible solution, stands behind enterprises to help them achieve strategic goals.

ERRY believes that success of eBusiness lies in "Business". Each successful enterprise has its own distinct features, which constitute its competitive edges within the industry and geographical region and enhance its core competency. Enterprises expecting to extend or restructure their business by means of Internet will need to maintain and strengthen their distinct advantages. This also imposes new challenge for software development companies:

  • First, even within the same industry, every company has its distinct features and flexibility is therefore an important requirement. Solutions should be flexible enough to allow the enterprises to customize the software systems to meet special needs of their business process. Traditional software, however, requires the enterprises to adjust their business process to fit the software applications, though some level of customization is possible, and therefore are far from the requirements of enterprise level Internet applications.
  • SecondŁ¬to cope with dramatic change of the market, "Time to Market" has become one of the most critical parts for the success of Internet-era companies. Compared with the traditional business process that follows a prescribed order, eBusiness must adopt an interactive, highly efficient business model. Such features require the software developing company to develop applications with high performance and functionality in less time and with higher productivity.
The traditional software companies do not have these abilities. These are the essential distinctions between traditional software companies and New Generation Software Companies like ERRY. ERRY provides flexible SCM solutions to companies, which eventually deliver customized systems with features fit for respective companies in a short period of time.



IDM is an Internet-based online intelligent distribution system for purchasing, inventory, sales, finance and decision support. Target customers of IDM are those manufacturers or trading companies with distribution network across many locality. IDM can help these companies establish eBusiness application systems for their distribution system, providing a complete and practical intelligent business solution with fast reaction capability.

IDM, combining up-to-date supply chain theory and Internet technology, provides a brand new and lowest Total Cost of Ownership(TCO) solution for enterprises from management methodology, application model to technical aspects.